A Universal Quest

As we can see in great masters, the heart of Qigong and of Chinese and Asian internal arts is a mastery of the body and energetic flow. With these practices, one cultivates exceptional density and fluidity of movement. Masters of these arts emanate a solid, yet gentle presence – they palpably burst with the energy they radiate. These people generally have gone very far along this path and have a very high energetic, therapeutic and even spiritual command.

We have identified the heart of these bodily and energetic skills: Dragon Qi Wave shows and describes the different phases of this deep, global, energetic, autonomous and cyclic movement of the whole body that arises from the center (DAN TIAN).

It allows one to :

  • maintain perfect postural alignment when in stillness and in movement.
  • powerfully generate Qi within oneself, circulate it and even project it.
  • connect oneself to the life force generated by SHENG , the vital principle, by essence regenerative and restorative.
  • connect to pleasure, joy and universal love from the Source of the universe, WUJI.
  • directly experience the internal arts’ insights: TAIJI (Yin/Yang), WUJI (in-between, the curved line between Yin and Yang), WU XING (5 elements), WU WEI (non-doing).

In China and in the rest of the world, the highest levels of this global movement are acquired indirectly after many many long years of practice. Traditionally, students in internal energetic arts paradoxically take up a path contrary to the wisdoms they seek: they study by imitation and voluntary coordination, which reinforces « willpower » and « fragmentation » initially removing them from bodily unity. (Body fragmentation : one moves the parts of their body and coordinates them deiberately, which is different from body unity where the body moves as a connected whole and is coordinated from the Dan Tian)

Provided one follows an initiated master, studying different forms through imitation and constant repetition, voluntary coordination and fragmentation will, after a few decades, slowly give way to the bodily and energetic skill described previously, and students will be able to center themselves  through the Dan Tian, discovering their own bodily unity and connection to Qi.

We have innovated these traditional methods so that our students are immediately taught to find their Dan Tian. We have developed objective criteria in order to obtain and maintain this centeredness from the very beginning of apprenticeship.

This recent discovery has given birth to a teaching method which is universal, innovative and totally different from what you have encountered before.

Below you can discover the first writings on Dragon Qi Wave, how it originated, and what it is.

Master Howard CHOY

 "  Dragon Qi Wave is an innovative method that is faithful to tradition. " 

From the discovery of Dragon Qi Wave 

to the Qigong of connection to Dan Tian 

30 years of experience, study and transmission

  • Affiliation to four Chinese masters from different lineages : Master Howard CHOY, Master Mantak CHIA, Master JIAN Liu Jun and Master LAO Kang Wen
  • Practices and teachings respect the knowledge and techniques of these four lineages (as listed above), even though they may often appear in contradiction
  • A teaching approach respectful of traditional Taoist philosophy and its guiding universal principles
  • An original phenomenological approach of internal arts that gives access to deep and precise levels of observation and attention to sensory perception

have given birth to the internal perception of the Dragon Qi Wave.


A complete model of transmission in content as well as method

Identifying Dragon Qi Wave precisely and describing  objective criteria to generate it and keep hold of it has given birth to a universal and innovative teaching method which operates a paradigm  shift:

For the student, the apprenticeship of Dragon Qi Wave  relies approximately on 80% of internal sensory perception and 20% of  imitation; whereas in general, mainstream apprenticeship is based on 80%  imitation and 20% sensory perception. Our phenomenological approach  favour direct experience so that students can discover their own  embodied centre, and not the general idea of a centre.

Moreover,  from day one, the Dragon Qi Wave teaching method sets up an absolute  priority on skill building, conservation and enhancement for the  following :

  • Relaxed connection to the Earth (SONG)
  • Unity of the body and of one’s energy field (PENG)
  • Perception and circulation of energy, Qi
  • Motion of body and energy starting from the Dan Tian
  • Manifestation of inner states of pleasure, joy, and universal love

Our school’s achievement is to have created objective, intelligible  and replicable parameters through specific language and concrete tools  so that students learn to transmit, correct and self-correct throughout  the practice.

Finally, Dragon Qi Wave is based intrinsically on  human sensitivities. It is universal and can be applied to all internal  energetic arts.

The Emergence of YouLong Qigong or the Qigong of Connection

Through 20 fundamental Dragon Qi Wave Qigong forms, both simple  and original, the students focus on deep movement rather than on  superficial expressions of form. They learn how to remain connected to  this depth, however complex their movements or steps. These innovative Qigong sequences,  combined with sitting or standing meditation, and to a  specific style of spontaneous Qigong have given birth to Youlong Qigong  (the Chinese translation of Dragon Qi Wave Qigong).

Ongoing  connection to the energies of Heaven and Earth and to the unity of body  movement originating in the Dan Tian allow for a vibrant experience of  Taoist principles: Sheng (vital principle), Tai Ji (Yin/Yang), Wu Ji  (in-between), Wu Xing (5 elements), Wu Wei (non-doing) …

This  Youlong Qigong system leads essentially to longevity, love,  transcendence, all three being inherent to the Vital Principle and the  Source, of which this Qigong is an expression.

It is truly a path for those who are looking for personal transformation, connection and presence.

For those who have already chosen a path, it can also be a precious and respectful auxiliary.

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The validation of a formalized and complete model transmitted by the School:

  • Around 1000 students initiated to Dragon Qi Wave
  • Direct evaluation of the method’s contribution to the teaching of Qigong
  • Direct evaluation of technical, energetic, therapeutic and spiritual effects of Dragon Qi Wave on different styles of Qigong and other Chinese and Asian internal energetic arts
  • A model respectful of different styles and lineages, approved and used not only by Qigong instructors, but also by experts of other disciplines : Aikido (8th and 5th degree black belts), Iaido (3rd degree), Tai Ji Quan, Sonmudo (3rd degree), Karate (5th degree), Systema…


 1 - A Universal Movement

Dragon Qi Wave can be defined as a deep cyclic movement that originates in the Dan Tian and is inherent to human beings and their evolution. From the beginning of time, it has been shaped by Sheng – the vital principle, or driving force of evolution – in harmony with the Earth’s gravity.

Its discovery  is the fruit of phenomenological observation of living beings although it lies beyond interpretation and mental construction. It brings us back to our essence. It is universal, therefore it is at the core of all internal arts.

It connects, gathers, unites everyone. 

It is perfectly in line with the tradition of internal energetic arts and the Taoist principles.

 2 - The Teaching Method

A step by step teaching model :

  1. Within a few days, the student accesses an objective and controlled connection to Earth’s reaction force, to bodily unity and Qi, and a natural global movement coordination originating in the Dan Tian. 
  2.  Within a few months, building on the skills acquired in step 1, the student learns 12 basic movements that combine into 20 fundamental short and simple Qigong sequences.
  3. Then the student can apply the tools acquired in steps 1 and 2 to any other form of Qigong or a different internal art.

3 - Youlong Qi Gong

This Qigong of Connection to Dan Tian connects us to energy, to the Source, to Wu Ji, to joy, and love. It increases the effects of Taoist meditations. Emotions and memories are naturally transcended by the powerful transformative energy that originates from the Source.

Along with the study of the basic movements and fundamental Qigong sequences, students also practice « spontaneous and connected Qigong », driven by Dragon Qi Wave and its transformative energy.

This energetically very connected Youlong Qigong system constitutes a powerful path for health and personal growth, connection and presence.


You will make use of an innovative teaching system to establish permanent connection to Dan Tian and to Qi :

  • A semantic framework that facilitates the sensory comprehension of Dragon Qi Wave, its internalisation by the student, and transmission of clear and objective instructions by the teacher.
  • A toolbox of 9 objective criteria to maintain relaxed connection (SONG) as well as bodily unity and Qi intensity (PENG) in the movement generated by the Dragon Qi Wave from the Dan Tian.
  • A series of 12 basic movements generated by the Dan Tian and from which derive all the movements of the body (e.g : lifting and dropping the wings, stretching the wings etc.)
  • A series of 20 forms of Qigong of connection to Dan Tian : 20 short and unique sequences consisting of the 12 basic movements combined to deep complex movements and steps. They allow for convenient study and maintained connection in all kinds of Qigong forms or any other internal energetic art.
  • A study and training that prioritizes internal perception of movement and simplifies self-correction for the practitioner, and instructions in how to instruct and correct for the teacher.
  •  A specific training to comprehend the quality and intensity of the energy flow: feeling the flow of the 5 elements, of  linear flows, continuous flows and simultaneous double flows: one ascending (fire) and one descending (water), one expanding (wood) and one condensing (metal).
  • A teaching model that can be easily adapted to any internal energetic art, whatever the techniques and forms practised, while perfectly respecting one’s lineage (Qigong, Tai Ji Quan, Yi Quan, Aikido, Iaido…)

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The skills we want to develop:

Alignment and relaxed connection to Earth  (SONG)

Unity of the body and connection to energy (PENG)

Motion of body originating in the Dan Tian

Perception and circulation of Qi

Connection to the Source or Wu Ji, love, joy, pleasure



Usual Teaching Method

The Principle

To give an idea which can vary according to the different schools, 80% of a lesson is spent imitating and listening to the teacher, while 20% is devoted to perception of peripheral bodily sensations linked to the positioning of the various parts of the body in space.

The skills we have described previously manifest very slowly in time, because voluntary coordination of movement is vital to imitate the teacher. Voluntary coordination causes body fragmentation, in other words it slows down the capacity to achieve bodily unity and a global movement starting in the Dan Tian. 

The students

  • Have trouble aligning their physical structure in static position and quickly feel tired and in pain.
  • Have trouble relaxing and misinterpret “relaxedness” for “flabbiness.”
  • Are unable to perceive energy and its circulation in the whole body.
  • Overly focus on perception of peripheral bodily sensations in order to imitate the teacher.
  • Try their best to realize every movement through voluntary coordination of different parts of the body and are unable to embody a wholeness of movement.
  • Encounter inner states of pleasure and joy but are unable to reproduce them as they wish.

The teachers

  • Lack tools to  rapidly  transmit all the skills they would like to share.
  • Sometimes lack efficient resources to help students overcome their difficulties.


Dragon Qi Wave Teaching Method

The Principle

20% of the lesson is spent imitating and listening to the teacher, while 80% is devoted to internal sensory perception of structure, bodily unity and energetic flow. 

From the first days of practice, thanks to a checklist of 9 precise and objective criteria, students are able to acquire and maintain relaxed connection to Earth (SONG), bodily unity, as well as Q(PENG) in coordinating with the Dan Tian. Through our practice, they continue to cultivate these sensibilities and connections.

The students

  • Immediately perceive the Earth’s reaction force in their bone structure as an answer to body alignment and are able to maintain static postures without pain for a long time.
  • Find ease in a relaxed, yet solid state by cultivating skeletal alignment.
  • Perceive energy and its circulation after a few days of practice.
  • Are able to correct themselves thanks to the checklist and deep, holistic phenomenological perception.
  • Are in touch with internal sensory landmarks to facilitate global coordination by maintaining contact with the Dan Tian throughout each movement.
  • Learn, though techniques they can replicate, to come in touch with inner states of pleasure and joy.

The teachers

  • Build their teaching skills through an objective semantic framework that identifies all relevant sensory perceptions, that they share with their students. 
  • Identify their students’ difficulties and have tools to help them overcome them rapidly.



Combining Dragon Qi Wave with the ancestral techniques of Qigong and/or other internal energetic arts opens the doors to unequaled experience of Qi from the very first days of study. You will learn techniques you can replicate when you practice and teach.

 It immediately places you on the Royal way of energy and unity, joy, transformation and health, whatever internal art you practice. 

Patrick Horel, professionnal Qigong and Tai Ji Quan teacher

Interview with the founder, Thierry Doctrinal

Bertrand Poret, osteopath and professionnal Qigong teacher

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