thierry doctrinal école de qi gong


Sharing passion for 30 years

From 1989 to present, Thierry DOCTRINAL has devoted his time to researching, studying and teaching internal energetic arts, with an emphasis on perception and direction of energy.

He is the founder of Dragon Qi Wave, an unprecedented teaching method that unites all dimensions of body, breath and mind. This method is founded on observation, discovery and detailed description of the autonomous holistic movement originating in the Dan Tian. It represents an amazing breakthrough in the study and teaching of Chinese and Asian energetic arts, and in the arts of movement in general. This teaching method is universal and can be applied to energetic and bodily arts in general. Since 2009, he has been devoting all his energy to researching and teaching this system.

Thierry DOCTRINAL is a graduate of the FEQGAE (French Federation of Qigong and Energetic Arts Instructors). He also holds a Professional Qualification Certificate (National Teaching Qualification) in Qigong and Tai Ji Quan.

Energetic Arts Lineage

Senior Instructor and expert in Nei Gong (Taoist Internal Alchemy) certified by Master Mantak CHIA (studies with Master Chia since 1991).

Certified in Tai Ji Quan, Qigong and Shaolin Luohan Qigong System by Master Howard CHOY from the Shou Yi School (studies with Master Choy since 2001)

Certified in Therapeutic Qigong by Master JIAN Lu Jiun, for the QuiMeTao Institute.

Authorized by Master LAO Kang Wen to transmit Gao Nen Gong or « Qigong of Great Power », a medical Qigong.